Coloring Book for Kids Adam and Marky in Episode 1 Herobrine is Watching PDF Printable


Color Me Thrilling Storybook for Girls and Boys with Zombies, Drawing Activities, Mazes, and Word Search.

Combining this awesome action packed coloring digital book with original illustrations and an exciting adventure story makes this activity book a cool gift for kids aged around 6-12.


Each coloring page was captured from a gaming engine and then illustrated to create this unique story telling coloring book.

***One PDF file is included in the download:***

This digital file can be printed on a letter size (8.5 x 11 inch) paper or can be viewed with the Adobe PDF reader on any digital device that can open pdf files.

Adam and Marky explore an abandoned factory that isn’t quite what it appears to be. They soon discover that Herobrine is building an army of darkness and plans to unleash his forces against the world in this unique and innovative coloring digital book. Join our heroes as they realize that they alone are all that stands between saving the world and Herobrine’s evil desire for conquest.

This is the first episode in the new adventures of Adam and Marky series of digital coloring books which takes place in a fictional gaming world originally crafted by our talented gamers and then converted into unique illustrations for coloring. Our two heroes, Adam and Marky, are reanimated cartoons in this delightful tale about zombies and the mythical Herobrine that will thrill and excite children of all ages.

The story begins with Adam and Marky walking home from school. Your kids can color and follow along in this carefully crafted journey. Adam hears a strange sound coming from the abandoned factory. As it’s getting dark Adam wants to go home but Marky insists they should check out the abandoned factory.

As the light and sounds now visibly emanating from the factory lure the boys closer and into the building, they are horrified at what they discover inside. Kids can color and read each step of the way as the boys are then confronted with a terrifying situation, they’ll discover how the boys must act quickly in order to survive and save the world from the terror about to be unleashed.

In the gaming world there have been numerous sightings and rumors of the existence of Herobrine. The official word is that Herobrine does not exist. However, some gamers claim that they have encountered Herobrine. In this story your kids can color Herobrine and engage in Herobrine activities who comes to life as a formidable villain determined to thwart Adam and Marky in this cool digital coloring book.

Kids of all ages totally immerse themselves in the gaming world. They are completely absorbed in the player vs player realm and have always been fascinated in the prospects of uncovering the real story surrounding Herobrine. We’ve set the stage for our digital coloring books series to the next level by introducing Herobrine, a well-known mythical character. The existence of Herobrine still remains a mystery till this day. We continue to create inspiring stories between two friends who will stop at nothing to save each other even when the going gets tough.

What’s Included:

  • Contains 20 completely unique coloring pages with a story
  • Some of the illustrations have complex and unique design elements in order to enhance the story telling aspects of the coloring book
  • Color a Character
  • Draw Me
  • Let’s Draw
  • Which is Different?
  • Shadow Match
  • Let’s Color a Scene
  • Color the Characters
  • Mazes – A-Maze-Ing Journey
  • Tic-Tac-Toe
  • Word Searches

About this coloring book:

  • Measures 8.5″ x 11″
  • 68 pages
  • Black and White Interior

This is a printable where you can continually add new pages as needed!

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