In Episode I “Herobrine is Watching”, our heroes Adam and Marky first encountered the evil Herobrine and his terrifying hoards of monsters,  and in Episode II of our series “Herobrine’s Revenge” this great nemesis unleashes his army against the boy’s unsuspecting town.In Episode III “The Hunt for Herobrine”, Adam and Marky faced their fears. They embarked on a journey of adventure, and learned the ancient and mystical knowledge of crafting that they use to survive their encounter with Herobrine and his fearsome hoards.

Now in Episode IV, Adam and Marky meet the powerful and wise Notch. With new weapons and new creatures and spectacular castles, we join our heroes on an epic adventure that spans the Over World and the Underworlds in “Herobrine and the Battle of Worlds”.

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Adam and Marky

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